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Double Hung Windows in the Gulf Coast Region

A Classic Option

Windows vary in design and functionality. Some are operated by a handle, others slide horizontally, while some are fixed and don’t open. In many Gulf Coast residences, double-hung windows — those with vertical sliding sashes — are a popular selection. These windows are not only efficient, but they can also be equipped with ENERGY STAR®-certified glass, enhancing their insulation capabilities during the hot, humid Gulf Coast summers.

What is a Double-Hung Window?

A double-hung window features two separate sashes or frames that can be moved up or down independently, providing flexibility for ventilation. The Window Source of the Gulf Coast provides double-hung windows with a unique balance mechanism integrated within the sashes, ensuring they remain in the desired position. Additionally, for hassle-free maintenance, our double-hung windows can be tilted forward, making cleaning a breeze.

Double Hung Window Graphic - The Window Source of Western Michigan

What Makes Double-Hung Replacement

Windows a Terrific Option?

  • These windows offer enhanced resilience and sturdiness, especially against the extreme weather of the Gulf Coast.

  • You can conveniently tilt both the upper and lower sashes for hassle-free cleaning.

  • Every window we offer comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • The design prioritizes energy efficiency, ensuring savings and maintaining a comfortable home even under severe weather conditions.

  • Our double-hung windows are tailored to suit each unique need.
  • Every window we provide has screens, enabling fresh air entry while preventing pests.

  • Our premium components guarantee user-friendly functionality, sustained durability, and secure protection against the weather, all at an affordable rate.

  • The smartly designed sloped sill ensures rapid water runoff.

  • Enhances ventilation efficiency throughout your home.

  • Unlike wood, our high-quality vinyl components never need painting and don’t chip, peel, crack, or warp.

Enjoy Huge Savings with Our Cost-Effective 3000 Series Double-Hung Windows

Consider our energy-saving 3000 series double-hung windows if you’re looking for a blend of aesthetics and performance. Crafted from premium materials, these windows boast a fusion-welded frame, ensuring longevity and peak functionality over traditional fastened joints. Whether you’re updating your existing home or constructing a new one with financial considerations in mind, our 3000 series double-hung windows are an excellent choice.

Double hung window in a living room - The Window Source of Western Michigan
Double hung window in a kitchen - The Window Source of Western Michigan

The 6000 Series — Our Most Popular Double-Hung Windows 

Our top-selling double-hung replacement windows come with enhanced strength glass and more durable materials. Crafted with premium quality vinyl, these windows are tailored to withstand our rigorous climate, ensuring your home remains comfortable.

Being a leading window replacement company in the Gulf Coast, we provide an extensive range of customization choices, from up-to-the-minute vinyl colors to various glass options, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s aesthetic.

Our 9000 Series Double-Hung Windows:  A Statement of Excellence

The 9000 series double-hung windows represent the zenith of window replacement advancements. These windows come equipped with triple-strength glass, dual Low E coatings, and two chambers filled with neutral argon gas. For those seeking additional protection against the extreme Gulf Coast climate, the 9000 series brings an option to enhance with triple glazing or foam insulation across the frame and sash, ensuring even greater energy efficiency and longevity.

Double hung windows over a sink - The Window Source of Western Michigan

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We just had The Window Source install 6 new windows and a sliding door. They look fantastic! All the windows are triple pane and are very efficient and high quality. The fact that they were about 1/2 the price of the competition was a sweet bonus! Aaron and his team did a great job and showed up on time and were very professional. And no high pressure sales tactics – very refreshing. I would recommend The window Source to all my friends and family.

Andrew Ehlert

I am so happy with our new windows and new door. Ben installed everything for us, and he did an amazing job! I cannot say enough about the installer, he was on time, professional, fast, and his quality of work is superb . His work ethic is none like I’ve ever seen. We will definitely be using The Window Source again in the future!

Mary Shopshear

Initially, Adam Fewins was thorough and knowledgeable. The owner, Aaron was extremely generous. As a customer, David made sure I was taken care of. I’m 110% satisfied with everything! Down to workmanship, Ben Ryman was amazing installing my windows. I felt very comfortable with everyone who was Involved. If you want excellent quality windows, customer service and installation for the price, I highly recommend The Window Source.

Deanna Liddy

Great experience even given the unpredictable product delivery industry this past couple of years. Lots of communication and they were there when they said they would be and finished on time. Ben installed the windows and was polite, efficient and so knowledgeable. Professionalism from top to bottom!

Jeanne Marriott

I had the windows replaced in the whole house. We were replacing original windows with serious seal failure and terrible fogging. It was incredible to see the difference once the new windows were installed. Our installer, Ben, accomplished the job in 2 days on his own. He worked hard and was very particular on making sure the slider door was well installed. We are very happy with our choice to go with The Window Source.

Keith G