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5 Tips for Window Shopping

Know the Truth About the Best Replacement Windows

The window industry often sees a lot of buzz, leading to several misunderstandings among buyers. Our goal is to address and clarify these misconceptions to help you make the best choice tailored to your specific requirements. If you’re uncertain about how to evaluate windows from various sellers or what truly matters when selecting a window, refer to the following guidelines.

1. Pay attention to the NFRC label.

Major window manufacturers submit their windows’ product information to the National Fenestration Rating Council, a non-biased window rating organization, and where each window gets rated based on these four factors:

  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Visible Transmittance
  • Air Leakage

NFRC ratings are printed on the label attached to any new windows to aid in finding the best replacement windows.

2. A more expensive window doesn’t necessarily mean a better window.

Many windows on the market are offered at prices much lower than their competitors, even though they’re virtually identical in design and quality. It’s a fact that most windows are produced using the same materials, methods, and guidelines, sometimes even in the same manufacturing plants! It’s primarily the seller that sets the price, and numerous sellers will attempt to persuade you that their windows are superior or more valuable when, in reality, they’re not. 

We’ve noticed some competitors charging hundreds of dollars more for windows that are no different from ours. Our philosophy is simple: by setting fair prices for our windows, we can attract more satisfied customers, leading to better business for us. Get a free estimate from The Window Source of the Gulf Coast.

3. Triple-pane windows aren’t always the best choice for everyone.

You might find it unexpected, but “better” doesn’t always equate to being the most suitable. While triple-pane windows generally offer superior insulation and noise reduction compared to double-pane ones, they might not necessarily be the right choice for you. The reason being, your windows might not require additional insulation or noise dampening, and the extra expense may not justify the benefits you’d gain. 
For those in the Gulf Coast Climate Zone, triple-pane windows can be a great fit, depending on budget and the purpose behind window replacement. ENERGY STAR® has provided a chart indicating the recommended U-Factors for various regions. A U-Factor of .25 or below is typical for triple-pane windows, with a lower U-Factor signifying better energy efficiency. It’s worth checking out this chart to decide on the energy-efficient window that suits your needs best.

4. Don’t subject yourself to high-pressure sales tactics.

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or looking to upgrade your living space, it’s crucial to recognize and guard against aggressive, hard core sales techniques. While they might not be as prevalent as they were in the 80’s and 90’s, the threat remains. 

These tactics often come with a narrative about why an immediate decision is essential. For instance, “I can offer you a discount if you order now because we’re processing a bulk order for a condo association.” Regardless of the story, the key is to make a purchase only when you genuinely trust the company and feel at ease with the decision.

5. You’re entitled to a quality installation.

While many believe that selecting a high-quality window with excellent insulation is the main concern, and once done, wasted energy will be a thing of the past — this is not entirely true. 

The installation process is as important as the window itself. An improperly installed window with unsealed gaps can lead to significant heat and cooling losses around the frame. It’s essential to ensure your installation team is skilled and uses a low-expansion spray foam to seal any potential gaps between the window frame and the wall. If you suspect that your windows were not installed correctly and are causing energy loss, our team of experts can assess the situation and test for any leaks.

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Sale Ending 06-01-2024…
Buy 3 window
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Sale Ending Soon 06-01-2024
Buy 3 window and get 1 free!
Get $489 off every 3 windows purchased.

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We just had The Window Source install 6 new windows and a sliding door. They look fantastic! All the windows are triple pane and are very efficient and high quality. The fact that they were about 1/2 the price of the competition was a sweet bonus! Aaron and his team did a great job and showed up on time and were very professional. And no high pressure sales tactics – very refreshing. I would recommend The window Source to all my friends and family.

Andrew Ehlert

I am so happy with our new windows and new door. Ben installed everything for us, and he did an amazing job! I cannot say enough about the installer, he was on time, professional, fast, and his quality of work is superb . His work ethic is none like I’ve ever seen. We will definitely be using The Window Source again in the future!

Mary Shopshear

Initially, Adam Fewins was thorough and knowledgeable. The owner, Aaron was extremely generous. As a customer, David made sure I was taken care of. I’m 110% satisfied with everything! Down to workmanship, Ben Ryman was amazing installing my windows. I felt very comfortable with everyone who was Involved. If you want excellent quality windows, customer service and installation for the price, I highly recommend The Window Source.

Deanna Liddy

Great experience even given the unpredictable product delivery industry this past couple of years. Lots of communication and they were there when they said they would be and finished on time. Ben installed the windows and was polite, efficient and so knowledgeable. Professionalism from top to bottom!

Jeanne Marriott

I had the windows replaced in the whole house. We were replacing original windows with serious seal failure and terrible fogging. It was incredible to see the difference once the new windows were installed. Our installer, Ben, accomplished the job in 2 days on his own. He worked hard and was very particular on making sure the slider door was well installed. We are very happy with our choice to go with The Window Source.

Keith G